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commercial electrician chattanooga

Commercial vs Residential Electricians

When it comes to electricity there are many different levels and certifications that you need to work with.  The first and most common is the residential electrician.  This is the handyman that comes to your house and installs a lamp or recess lighting.  With residential electricity there are certain items that you can have in your home which are typically purchased over the counter.  However, for more industrial or commercial buildings we have a totally different set of rules.  For this, commercial electrician chattanooga services are required.

commercial electrician chattanooga

Power draw

The first thing that you need to understand about commercial electricity is the power draw.  Depending on the type of business you are in be it a grocery store or warehouse you will have specific power needs.  If these needs are not met, then our equipment and machines won’t work.

Environmental factors

One factor that you need to be aware of in a commercial environment is that you will have water and other items interacting with the power.  If someone spills water or another chemical on the floor we don’t want that affecting the machine.  This is why commercial equipment have heavy duty cords and power suppressors to prevent such things from happening.

Commercial Electricians

As a commercial electrician you will need to go and become certified on specific areas that a residential electrician won’t have to be.  Commercial electricians are considered to be a specialized group of tradesman who command a higher price for their services.


For commercial electricians learning how to use more advanced tools for specific jobs, equipment and more may be needed.  In these situations specific classes and levels of education and certification may be required.  If these certifications are lacked or if they are not retaken on a yearly basis or other annual level, licenses and certifications may both be legal and they will no longer be able to work on commercial equipment.